Ramp Rankings For The Top 10 MBA Programs

I can't believe you actually thought I was going to list out my favorite MBA programs.  Idiots.

Let me start off by saying MBA degrees are a joke.  If you are actually going to attend college, get an engineering degree.  You don't actually have to use your engineering degree if you don't want to, but at least you will have the freedom to do whatever you want when you graduate.  Why?  Because you will be smarter than everyone else.  I have an idea: Get an engineering degree, become a quant, and get rich as fuck.

I remember back in college my roommate at the time was in grad school for his MBA.  He was teaching Finance 1000.  He was grading a test that he had given to his students earlier that morning.  I asked him for a blank copy of the test.  Then, I sat down with a pen (because I was that confident in my answers) and proceeded to annihilate his test.  I handed it back to him and asked him to grade it.  Surprise, I got 100% of the answers right and there were no multiple choice questions.  Now, granted this was only Finance 1000, but at the time I had never taken a finance class, only engineering and math classes.  When you do triple integrals on a daily basis it is pretty easy to do addition and subtraction.  And that is pretty much what it amounts to when you get an MBA degree.  

Read books If you actually care to learn about finance.  That's how I got into the finance world.  I used to read every book I could find on the subject matter and still do to this day (except the Najarian brother's Options Trading books).  The material is so simple after doing anything engineering related.  It's like reading a bedtime story to your kids.  Moreover, why would you waste your time and money going to class and listening to idiots like my old roommate spout out shit that they are just regurgitating from a $500 textbook?  I once bought a used Corporate Finance book for $2 at a bookstore and read it cover to cover.

The only time I would ever contemplate getting an MBA degree is if: 1) Someone is paying your tuition (such as an employer), 2) You will earn a raise and promotion at your current job, or 3) You are too dumb to do engineering.