Nuggets of Wisdom From My Robo-Advisor

The following is a list of my favorite nuggets of wisdom that were generously passed down to me from my robo-advisor:

  1. Buy stocks at 3:30pm ET every day.  (I already knew that but it is still super important.)
  2. Stay the course no matter what the actual economic data says or what CNBC headlines read.  This is so we can continue to collect fees from you as your account goes to zero.
  3. Expect volatility as we (the robots) advise every single one of our clients to do the exact same thing.  Don't worry, we will take the other side of the trade.
  4. Diversify your portfolio into a mixture of different assets and equities.  This way, no matter what the market does you will always underperform because of the fees we charge.
  5. Allocate some funds into our specialty ETFs that we've created.  Being an ETF provider, unlike the other advisors, we also get revenue through the fees tied to this portfolio’s ETFs. You're in luck though, because the “fundamental” ETFs that are in your portfolio are smart-beta funds, meaning they have higher fees than plain-vanilla ETFs and aim to beat the market.
  6. If you have any questions we are here to help.  And by "here to help" I mean just read our FAQs.  If you don't see your answer in our FAQs, it probably wasn't a good question and we can't help you because we aren't humans.