Four Comma Club

It’s been more than four months since we’ve had a stock hanging out in the four comma club, buying drinks for everyone.

Apple’s (AAPL) market cap crossed above $1T on August 2, 2018 and stayed above that level for three straight months before it went straight to the dumpster. Did you buy the dip? Or did you panic sell and think the world was going to end? December feels like such a long time ago.

During the most recent three month bear market (#NeverForget), I bought some AAPL around $181 and $156 on the way down and it eventually bottomed at $142 on January 3rd. It’s currently sitting near my initial buy price of $181 but I haven’t sold any yet. I’m thinking about flipping some around the 200DMA which is currently sitting between $190-191. I missed out on most of the AAPL rally in 2018 so I wanted to start building a core position again.

Amazon (AMZN) briefly crossed the $1T mark on September 3, 2018, but never closed the day above it. Microsoft (MSFT) and Alphabet (GOOGL) have never reached the promise land.

The question in my mind is which, if any, of these MAGA stocks will hit the four comma club again? Of these four stocks, MSFT is the closest, only falling short by roughly $130B, chump change. It’s also the only stock out of these four that I don’t own (which means it’ll probably be the winner). Don’t look now but it’s only 2% away from a new all time high. Writing this piece makes me want to go buy some. Let me run it past dad first and I’ll alert the subs.

Seeing that only AAPL and AMZN have previously hit $1T you have to wonder if traders and investors look at these stocks differently than GOOGL and MSFT. Does it make it more likely in your mind that these would hit $1T first because they already have?

Seeing is believing. Damn you brain.

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