Hear Me Out: Tinder For New Parents

There comes a time in every new parent’s life when you start to break away from your friends who don’t have kids. Depending on the age you have your first kid, it can be a difficult process to break ties with your old friends. Imagine having a kid at 22 years old while your friends are going out to the club four nights a week. They’re not going to call you to go out because you have a kid now. And you’re not going to want to go out anyways because you’re already exhausted—from taking care of your kid. 

Having kids without any family or friends nearby is difficult enough and making new friends that also have kids near the same age as yours is even harder. You want the wives and husbands to have similar interests so that it’s just as fun for the parents to get together as it is for the kids. Doug Boneparth recently touched on this trend of how men have no friends and we rely on our female counterparts way too much to establish new relationships.

Enter Tinder For New Parents.

It definitely needs a catchier name but let me jump straight into the features. You’ll be able to see a family photo of your new potential match including the top five hobbies/interests of the dad and the mom. Do they enjoy gardening, or playing golf, or CBD oil?

Each family profile will show the occupations of both mom and dad so you can avoid pairing with any social media influencers because they aren’t going to be good friends to you anyway. You’d be better off pairing up with a doctor or a lawyer so you can get invited to their beach house over the summer.

Each family profile will show their political designation so that you can bond over Hillary blowing a 28-3 lead or lament about Trump and how he is ruining the world. Or maybe you’ll realize it’s time to cross party lines and you’ll have civil discussions about politics and where the future of our country/world is heading.

One of the premium features will allow you to filter through families by their gross annual income. It’s always good to have some rich friends in the mix but having too many will lead you to try and keep up with the Joneses—and then you’ll be broke.

If you don’t think a family would be a good match you could swipe left or if you think you’d hit it off and make new friends you could swipe right.

The app will make money by charging each family $5 for every match that is created. This app will be powered by blockchain technology—of course.

Looking for investors.