Thanks For Playing

Last week I passed 100,000 followers on Twitter. Kind of cool—I guess.

This number is about as meaningless as Dow 25,000. But, humans love round numbers and milestones so I asked my wife if we could get balloons—you know, like the famous Instagrammers do when they hit big follower counts.

She vetoed me. Be humble she said. Touché.

I didn’t actually want balloons, I wanted a steak. Imagine being so narcissistic that you want balloons to celebrate yourself.

I do want to sincerely thank everyone who follows along on Twitter and who’s also followed me here on the blog—where I’ve taken it to a deeper, more personal level. Honestly, without all of you, my life would be different. We’ve built a community together and one thing I’ve learned throughout this process is that it’s not the follower count that matters. It’s the engagement. The idea generation. The lessons. The camaraderie. The fun that we’ve had and will continue to have together.

I’ve made some incredible friendships and contacts along this journey. I don’t want to list names in fear of leaving anyone out but most of you know who you are. We’ve all helped each other navigate the markets. I don’t claim to be a know-it-all and I’m constantly learning something new every single day from all of you. Through Bitcoins rise and fall and rise again—and eventual fall to zero. Through the 2016 Election. I was there, making lighthearted jokes and keeping everyone somewhat sane.

One thing I’ve always tried to do with my account was to provide clean family fun. It’s easy to talk with loose lips while sitting behind a screen and a keyboard. Throw in an anonymous account on top of that and you can basically say whatever you want—with the only consequence of being banned by Jack. It takes a lot of self-control not to respond with anger and hateful words when people are dragging you online. I’ve taken it over the line a few times but I know it was never worth it in the end and regretted my actions.

On a lighter note, I wanted to put together this post to briefly describe my journey throughout the past five years.

This account started as a joke—I guess it technically still is in a way. I remember I was sitting in my apartment reading a Zero Hedge article about the end of the world and then decided on a whim to open a Twitter account and call it @RampCapitalLLC. I think @RampCapital was taken already—sad. Also, ZH if you are reading this, please don’t sue me for trademark infringement. First off, you don’t have a case, and secondly, plz sir mi familie. Thirdly, let’s discuss buyout terms.

Anyway, within the first day or two of opening the Twitter account I already had around 2,000 followers because the people wanted to know who the mysterious buyer was that kept showing up at 3:30pm ET every day and ramping stocks. News flash: It’s still not me.

I’m not really sure how we got to now but I’ve started to become pretty good at this Twitter thing. I like to come up with snarky tweets that toe the line and make you say: I’m not sure if this is real or not, but I love it either way.


I know it seems hard to believe but I don’t spend that much time culling my stream to find things to post. Usually I hit it in 5-10 minute increments every hour. If a tweet doesn’t come to me within 5-15 seconds, there isn’t anything there.

I liken it to rap battling. But, instead of thinking of rhymes, I can instantly turn anything into a finance related joke, commentary, or meme. Not the superpowers I wished for but I’ll take what I can get.

With great power must also come great responsibility and I promise to use my powers for good. I’m excited for what the future holds for not just myself and my family but for all of us.

I will continue to remain anonymous for as long as I can but just know that I’m no different than you. Actually, I’m a compilation of all of you. I am open to every single idea that passes through my window. Don’t be afraid to reach out to me. Maybe we can create something special together.

Thanks for following along with me throughout the years. I promise to always be true to myself and never be a sellout, unless someone offers to buy me out for $1-10 million. Then I’m totally selling out and you guys are on your own.

And as always: Thanks for playing (T4P).

P.S. It’s probably just a coincidence that Started From The Bottom came out the same year I opened my Twitter account. I think this song is still a banger and perfectly summarizes the journey so far.

Started from the bottom, now the whole team here.