10 Reasons To Remain Perma-Bullish

  1. We should have never been down in the first place.
  2. We may be down in August but we also went up nearly 7% in the previous 2 days. If that doesn't scream buy signal generational bottom I don't know what does.  Fun fact: That rally was the biggest rally since the Stamp Act was repealed in 1766.
  3. The Fed will not (never) raise rates. See 10 Reasons Why The Fed Won't Raise Interest Rates.
  4. We rallied over 1% yesterday in the last 30 minutes (you're welcome).  So it looks as though my Markets in Turmoil algos are back working their magic again.
  5. Where else are you going to put your money?
  6. Homegamers who got stopped out on Monday will put their money back to work soon on FOMO adding to further upside.
  7. Tropical Storm Erika gives us another excuse to blame the weather on any future economic data misses.
  8. Tim Cook recently emailed me and said everything is going to be ok.
  9. I did not find my name on the Ashley Madison list.  If you didn't find your name on the list you should be extremely bullish that you weren't about to split half of your worth with your soon to be ex-wife.
  10. One Direction is not splitting up, they are just "taking a break".