Tom Brady's Top 5 Stock Picks (Probably)

I don't want to speak directly for Tom, because I've never met him, but here is a probable list of his Top 5 stock picks:

  1. $DECK - Whether he's in court defending himself or out on the town with Gronk after a Sunday victory, Tom sure does enjoy wearing his UGG boots.
  2. $SAM - Living near Boston, Tom likes to throw down the occasional Sam Adams.  He is especially excited about the new Octoberfest which has an ABV of 5.3% and comes with a hearty and smooth flavor with a deep malt character and roasty sweetness.
  3. High Quality Bonds - When in a deflationary environment, Tom likes to go defensive by favoring bonds.  Foreign bonds are also an option for Gisele's portfolio.
  4. $PG - Following the deflation theme, Tom likes companies that produce consumer goods that people must buy no matter what.  Tom currently likes the 3.8% dividend and 16 FPE but is slightly concerned about the strength of the dollar.
  5. $TIF - Tom has won 4 Super Bowls and is married (for now) to a trophy wife so he knows a few things about diamonds.  He likes to hedge himself with $TIF in case Belichick blows another Super Bowl (see last year).